Google and LinkedIn bidding to acquire, a Video Interviewing site


Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) and LinkedIn (NASDAQ:LNKD) in a bidding war to buy  the Pasadena based, an online Video Interviewing company. This because the employment industry is waking up from it’s long 9 year slumber.

The company ( is based in Southern California, and helps recruiters and hiring managers Create and Host Video Interviews directly, which is loosely based on the Google adwords model. As far as the negotiations are concerned, it seems like LinkedIn will eventually prevail because the interviewing system complements the company’s offerings and is a direct value add to LinkedIn’s paid Recruiter module.

There are more than 6 million active recruiters on LinkedIn now, many of them with premium accounts. Once the system is acquired by LinkedIn and implemented, They’ll be able to send an invitation  link to a custom interview that the candidate can just complete online using a webcam and a standard browser. The saved interview is then watched by the recruiter and/or hiring company and the ball starts rolling.

The company ( even has a second module that helps the recruiter or HR individual schedule a live 1-on-1 interview ala Skype Video chat, where the recruiter and the candidate can speak  face to face before flying the candidate out to the office for an in-house interview. has kept quiet about he negotiations. But we will soon learn of the outcome of these negotiations.



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